David Hazlewood - Hoben International Ltd


"Quality and consistency is critical to our customers, as we specialise in processing hard minerals such as silica into fine powders. The team at Xoptix installed the XO in-line particle size analyser to enable us to continually monitor consistency of product specification. They worked with us to integrate the system to optimise our process. The instrument runs with very little maintenance and is trouble free compared to our previous particle sizing system.

We chose to have ceramic lined components as the silica is very abrasive. The in-line particle sizer from Xoptix has been in place more than four years and has proven to be robust and always reliable to give us 24/7 control over our product performance. The added advantage is that the system uses 1/3 less compressed air than our previous system, so it has less expensive running costs too. Software updates and releases to the central control unit shows that the Xoptix Team are always thinking ahead and trying to make their product even better. It was a fraction of the cost of other process particle sizers on the market, yet delivers the highest quality of performance and service.

The XO in-line monitor from Xoptix is now critical to our process and I would always recommend it."

Iain Crosley - Hosokawa Micron Ltd


"Utilising laser diffraction technology, the Xoptix in-process measuring units offer a cost effective measuring option that is robust enough for use in even the most arduous powder processing fields. This means they are ideal for many of our customers seeking real time sampling and measurement of materials in production.

Presenting fast, reliable and easy to understand particle size distribution data that is automatically fed to the plant control system, these flexible units are a key part of delivering optimised processes for a number of our customers."

John Smith - Microferm Ltd


"Installing the particle sizer from Xoptix has saved us a lot of money, not only on sending samples away for testing but we can also fine-tune our grinders so that we use less electricity. The particle sizer is so sensitive that we can see instantly which of our three grinders is being used.

Because the particle size measurement is instantaneous, we can make subtle changes to the process and see the impact very quickly. This has given us a great deal of confidence in the way we work. The sizer is extremely reliable and very durable, we very rarely need to clean the internal components of the sizer, but when we do it’s quick and easy."

A perfect fusion of proven design and latest technology. Quite simply, the most compact, rugged, best performing in-process particle size analyzers at a fraction of the cost of competitors systems.