PharmaSizer online particle size analyzer

The new PharmaSizer online particle size analyzer has been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry and is the latest edition to the XO range of in-process particle sizers. It helps increase production by real-time monitoring of particle sizes from 0.1 µm to 1100µm and is designed to be fully GAMP compliant with materials certification and traceability.

The PharmaSizer is constructed from 316L stainless steel and all material contact surfaces are electropolished to Ra 0.5µm or better, plus connections and o-ring are product specific. Clean in Place (CIP) options are available and the latest software release version 5 is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, to conform with pharmaceutical manufacturing documentation. There are also ATEX options available. See the PharmaSizer in action >>

The PharmaSizer online particle size analyzer has clear advantages:

  • Consistent, reliable and repeatable results
  • Real-time monitoring ensures tighter control on particle size in-process
  • Fully automated sampling sequences to create bespoke monitoring
  • Clean-in-Place options
  • All contact parts electropolished to requirements

The PharmaSizer is designed to integrate quickly and easily into any production facility and works 24/7 automatically taking samples, measuring the particle size distribution 2000 times per second. This online particle size analyser reports in real-time to the process operators, or to the process control computers/PLC, in a fully closed loop turnkey solution.

The real benefit of the PharmaSizer online particle size analyser is that it saves time and money by accurately monitoring your pharmaceutical process, helping to optimise results. Particle size distribution graphs and full documentation, allows process engineers to analyse results and provide the necessary documentation to regulatory bodies.

Now with installations of the PharmaSizer online particle size analyser all over the world, pharmaceutical companies turn to Xoptix to provide a solid, robust system that delivers the most accurate results. For a list of recommendations from the Pharmaceutical industry please call +44 1684 899345 or email

A perfect fusion of proven design and latest technology. Quite simply, the most compact, rugged, best performing in-process particle size analyzers at a fraction of the cost of competitors systems.