Xoptix innovative particle sizing technology for Global applications.

Xoptix Limited was founded in 2005 by a Team of Scientists and Engineers who are passionate about laser diffraction and particle sizing. Based in the heart of England in Worcestershire, Xoptix have grown in strength, expanding their Headquarters on the Malvern Hills Science Park. With a range of in-line particle sizers to help control processes in both wet and dry applications, the XO range of particle sizers have shown real business benefit at each installation, as the inline monitoring of a process helps to regulate efficiency. As efficiency increases, so the process is optimised saving resources and maximising delivery.

The XO particle sizer is manufactured at our Headquarters, supported by dedicated research and development, quality control, administration and logistics. Xoptix deliver solutions globally, always taking pride in the products and services supplied at the highest quality standards.

Xoptix bring in-process particle size monitoring technology to industries in an easy to integrate, small footprint, easy to use package, at a fraction of the cost of existing technology. There is a wealth of experience within the company and the development team is an international collaboration of specialists in particle characterisation and associated fields.

A perfect fusion of proven design and latest technology. Quite simply, the most compact, rugged, best performing in-process particle size analyzers at a fraction of the cost of competitors systems.