Dry Measurement

Within this category, we have 2 main product lines:

In-Process modules

The fixed in process modules comprise the sizing system with appropriate sampling systems to take the sample from the line for measurement.

There are 3 standard modules, but as discussed custom options are available for other size ranges

All these products boast the same innovative design incorporating high stability lasers, the best optics, and the highest spec custom designed detectors found in any in-process sizer today.

Using optimised design and production techniques enables us to offer the highest performance smallest footprint equipment at a fraction of the cost of some other systems.


Portable At-Line Measurement Units

Weighing in from around 15kg (including the rugged waterproof case) this is the most portable at-line sizer in the world BY FAR.....

We believe that this is the first truly practical at-line particle size solution: in a case that may be taken as hand luggage on an aeroplane*.

Whilst it boasts an extremely small footprint, there is no compromise in quality, and indeed, using the latest technology components this product offers the best at-line performance at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

The dimensions of the case are 514mm X 289mm X 192mm
* Recent anti terrorist regulations may restrict the size of carry on luggage.

For technical specification click here.

XOSC3X Control Boxes

Ceramic Options


A perfect fusion of proven design and latest technology. Quite simply, the most compact, rugged, best performing in-process particle size analyzers at a fraction of the cost of competitors systems.