The XO in-process particle sizer minimises the volume of compressed air used to monitor in real-time, reducing costs and optimising overall powder production.

To enable continual sampling of particle size, in-process analysis involves samples being draw into the monitoring device with compressed air. The XO in-process particle sizer from Xoptix uses less than half of the compressed air of other products on the market, with annual cost savings typically being over £3,000 per instrument.  Xoptix who are specialists in process optimisation and energy efficiency using particle sizing, now focus on the use of compressed air in industry to save their customers money.

Technical Director, Richard Graves highlights the importance of compressed air in in-process particle size analysis as a way of controlling production costs, “We don’t just look at the obvious savings that can be gained by real-time monitoring of particles, we look at the overall efficiency and production costs. The use of compressed air within in-process particle sizers is a production cost that can be reduced and we have spent many years developing the XO particle sizer which minimizes the volume needed to take a sample from the process and then return it back to the line”. He adds “Our research and development is focused on monitoring powder processes to help make them more efficient and reduce expenditure.”

In their 10th year in business, Xoptix based in Worcestershire, UK, work in a variety of industries across the globe with specialist sampling for cement production and pharmaceutical facilities. The green philosophy that radiates throughout the business to produce technologies that increase efficiency and reduce costs, continues to be a strong theme and provide the backbone to new products that will be launched in 2016.

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