Xoptix Limited have developed ceramic lined components for their in-line particles sizer, increasing the longevity of components, when process sampling of abrasives such as minerals cement and silica.
The XO in-line particle sizer from Xoptix, has been successful within the process industry for monitoring real-time, to optimise milling production. For standard particle sizing, components are stainless steel but when processing very abrasive minerals such as cement and silica, the longevity of the sampling components must be considered.

This is why the Research Team at Xoptix, based in Worcestershire UK, have developed specialist ceramic lined components, capable of withstanding harsh abrasive materials. By using ceramic lined components, the life-time can be extended from months to several years.

Stuart Barton, at Xoptix says “Ceramic components have become an essential part of our monitoring solution, when we look to implement our XO particle sizer into applications dealing with abrasives. We build our systems to last, to give our customers the best possible return on their investment and maximise process optimisation. We’re leading the field in this area of technology, so this feature helps develop our customer base globally.”
The XO inline particle sizer from Xoptix was first developed in 2005 and is based on over 30 years of knowledge of laser diffraction technology by the Xoptix Team. Capable of measuring particles from 0.1 to 3000 microns, the XO particle sizer is robust and monitors in real-time. The benefits of the XO particle sizer to a process mill means that off-line analysis can be eliminated, which reduces human error and post-event analysis which is out of date.

For more information regarding the XO range of particle sizers from Xoptix email mail@xoptix.co.uk or call +44 1684 899345.