The Challenge for Dilution in Industrial processes

If we want to dilute this sample 1000 times, then clearly in principle, we need 1000 of these

That's quite a lot of diluent (only~250 of 1000 shown here), and if we have to return this to the process after measurement, then that might present quite a problem. Of course, we could use very small amounts of sample, but then how can we be sure such a small sample is representative?


With the unique patented Xoptix VSDS (Variable Stage Dilution System) the user can select the required dilution from 2 to >10,000 times, with very low diluent overhead.

Now, to dilute this sample 1000 times

We need less than 10 of these

This gives us the unique advantage of being able to put the sample back into the process after measurement.

Xoptix wet sampling systems.

At last, the precision of laboratory measurement, with the convenience of a probe.

A perfect fusion of proven design and latest technology. Quite simply, the most compact, rugged, best performing in-process particle size analyzers at a fraction of the cost of competitors systems.