In-process particle sizing from Xoptix can dramatically reduce energy costs as milling and size reduction machinery can be optimized, with real-time particle size analysis. Subtle changes to classifier speed, or product feed can be seen instantly, with particle size distribution used as an indicator to achieve the required specification without wasting electricity by over milling.

Looking for new ways to optimize powder production and save money on processes, Xoptix are working with organisations across the globe on energy savings through effective in-process particle size analysis.

Stuart Barton, industry specialist in particle size analysis at Xoptix says, “If you have a true insight into the particle size distribution of your process you can quickly make changes that can save you money. Many of our customers have never experienced the benefits of real-time analysis until the installation of our XO in-process particle sizer and the control that it gives over a process is a huge leap forward! Energy savings can be seen from day one, as process machinery can be fine-tuned to give optimum performance. Helping companies save money and reduce their carbon footprint has always been a key focus for us”.

The XO in-process particle sizer can monitor particles from 0.1 to 3000 micron, 2000 times per second directly from the process line. Using laser diffraction technology and unique sensors within a robust enclosure, the XO in-process particle sizer is simple to install and easy to use. The process applications this particle sizer can be used for are very diverse; cement, pharmaceutical, oil, calcium carbonate to name just a few. The dedicated team of application specialists based in Worcestershire UK, work with organisations at all levels to deliver bespoke process efficiency solutions that save money.

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