Worcestershire based Xoptix Ltd, have released version 5.1 software for their in-process particle sizer, which includes enhanced OPC data communications.

The in-process particle sizer from Xoptix is a monitoring system which is designed to proactively safeguard process efficiency through particle size analysis. The newly enhanced OPC intelligence software featured in the latest version 5.1 release, helps standardise and integrate seamlessly for monitoring efficiency.

OPC protocol, the international standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in industry, forms the backbone to communication integration over multiple systems. The new version 5.1 software release aids the seamless flow of information from the Xoptix particle sizer to multiple devices.

Technical Director, Richard Graves explains the importance of the release of the version 5.1 software “Our software has been operating with OPC protocol for some time now and this new software release has been developed to further aid the integration of our particle sizer with multiple devices.” He adds “We’re continually making improvements across our range of equipment, to ensure customers get a quick and easy to use system that gives a detailed insight into particle size within their process. Saving our customers money and increasing process efficiency are our key aims.”

New products have been coming thick and fast from Xoptix, who are also celebrating their 10th year in business. The CementSizer which was launched earlier this summer for the cement industry, is already accepted as an innovative product with proven Xoptix engineering, and patented sampling technology.

For more information about the new 5.1 software release and new product developments, email: mail@xoptix.co.uk or call +44 1684 899345.