Xoptix Ltd have launched their innovative CementSizer incorporating patented technology, specifically designed for in-process particle sizing in the cement industry. The CementSizer has unique sampling probe options that ensure sampling directly from the process line is representative, offering a robust real-time system for process optimization.

The launch of the CementSizer follows Xoptix’s presentation at Cemtech Asia 2015 this summer, where Stuart Barton, Cement Particle Specialist at Xoptix, discussed news ways to monitor in-process cement particle size to increase process efficiency. The newly developed CementSizer has two specialist sampling units which have no moving parts and can ‘dilute’ powders in a conveyed cement process to the levels required to provide the correct amount of material needed by the online instrument.

The patented Interstitial Iso-Kinetic Probe (IIP) suitable for smaller scale cement production output up to 120T/hr, is quickly and easily installed giving unparalleled control over sample extraction. It is low maintenance with abrasive resistant parts, ensuring maximum throughput and greater output.

For larger cement output >300T/hr, Xoptix have developed the patented Passive Multistage Dilution Sampler (PMDS). Also, with no moving parts it dilutes the powder flow in the cement process to a level that is compatible with in-process analysers. It decreases the complexity, the cost, and increases the reliability of the installation, and extends sampling to processes of >300T/hr.

Sampling 2000 times per second in real-time, the CementSizer can increase throughput in a cement mill by up to 5%. Plus, laboratory workload can be decreased, a lower response time when changing grades and significantly lower standard deviation in cement fineness. Therefore the CementSizer can help produce a more stable cement product in terms of short and long term compressive strength.

At the launch of the CementSizer, Stuart Barton explains “Through many years of working with cement mills to optimize their processes, we recognised the need for a specialised particle sizer for the cement industry, as many other analyzers available just didn’t give that level of accuracy, ease of integration and durability. With our newly patented sampling probes to give representative particle size distribution in real-time, we can increase throughput and product quality for our customers, with an easy to use in-line monitoring device”. He adds “Durability and low maintenance are key issues when monitoring cement particle size. Our CellClean technology has proven to keep maintenance to a minimal through automated self-cleaning of the instrument, plus ceramic lined components ensure longevity, lasting for many years before needing to be changed. Output is available to the users requirements, from 4-20ma current loop outputs to Ethernet communication with the control DCS or PLC using industry standard OPC protocol.”

Xoptix Limited, based in Malvern, Worcestershire UK, are celebrating their 10th year in business and the launch of the CementSizer adds another landmark to their series of acclaimed in-process particle sizers.

For more information about the new CementSizer email: mail@xoptix.co.uk or call +44 1684 899345.