Congratulations to Mr Zheng, and indeed all the staff at Shanghai Trueway, our exclusive representatives in China for another great year.

In addition to the growth in sales, there is a success of particular note, and that is for the first sale into the application of Magnetic Powders NdFeB for the production of Neodymium magnets.

As the description ‘magnet’ suggests, the material is challenging to disperse properly in its production state for proper size measurement. Indeed, our competitors have previously failed to perform in this application.

However using the latest techniques from Xoptix, and the expertise within Shanghai Trueway who have many years experience with in process particle sizing, we now have a robust successful solution

Stuart Barton, Managing director of Xoptix ltd commented. “I am delighted for Mr Zheng and all the Shanghai Trueway team, who worked tirelessly to ensure success in this application. I have worked with Mr Zheng in various capacities for more than 12 years, and it is this experience which has made the difference. It is exciting that we now have a solution which can be rolled out across the industry’