In-line particle analyser developers Xoptix Ltd, have announced their plans for growth this week, with a new marketing strategy and software enhancements.

Xoptix’s XO range of particle analysers have been recognised as new and innovative products for sizing particles, with a diverse range of applications. The Headquarters of Xoptix at Malvern Hills Science Park, Worcestershire, England, is where the technology has been developed and is based on over 30 years of knowledge of laser diffraction. The sizing of particles from 0.1 to 3000 micron is made easy with a robust and stable unit, which is a cost effective alternative to other particle sizing instrumentation on the market. New enhancements to the software for real-time analysis makes it even easier to check in-line quality control of your process, plus security levels have been increased, with access restriction and levels of password control.

A new marketing strategy for Xoptix will act as a catalyst to build on their success in Asia, with an expansion into Europe and America. Stuart Barton, Sales Director at Xoptix explains their two year development programme “We’ve already had a lot of success in the UK and Asia, so it’s a natural progression to expand further into Europe and into the States”. He adds “Our new marketing strategy will be key to expanding our global profile, creating an awareness in our key niches such as cement, oil and coal. We’re also excited to develop the use of our particle analysers within the pharmaceutical industry too, which is an area where we’ve had much recent success”.

The Xoptix particle sizing range for process applications is designed to ISO 13320 standards and aims to give accurate measurements in real-time with zero product loss. Traditional sampling involves taking product from the line, testing it and retesting, which is time consuming and is open to human error. With the XO in-line process range of particle analysers, there’s no interruption to the process and reporting through the fully automated controller is rigorous and safeguards quality control.

Measuring particles in liquid suspension with Xoptix, are using their Variable Stage Dilution System (VSDS) a slurry measurement system. Whilst dry measurement of particle sizing involves three different types of modules depending on the size of particles being monitored; 0.5 to 220 microns with XO01P, XO02P for 1.2 to 550 micron and XO03P caters for particles ranging from 2.5 to 1100 microns.

The Applications Team based at the Headquarters in Malvern, work with customers globally on unique processes to standardise particles and provide documentation on delivering performance.

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